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April 13, 2012, 10:50 am
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ABC4All School System - Pakistan

PLEASE REFER ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO WILL COOPERATE WITH A JAZZ FOR PEACE FUNDRAISING CONCERT on behalf of ABC4All School System / Pakistan and Disaster Relief for Flooding and Dengue Fever in Pakistan -- Local ABC4All - Pakistan Co-Founder Yuel Bhatti to Visit US/California in 06/12 : Attn Paul Kilelu - FW: UPCOMING JAZZ FOR PEACE CONCERT IN KENYA


Hi Paul,

Just got word that ABC4All Co-Founder Yuel Bhatti from Pakistan

Yuel Bhatti
TIG: http://profiles.tigweb.org/Billu
MOTW: http://abc4all.net/mentoryuelbhatti.htm
Co-Founder Local ABC4All / Pakistan:  http://abc4all.net/localabc4all.html

Will be coming to US/California in June.

Thus will be seeking to do a JFP/Fundraiser for the ABC4All School System he founded in Pakistan and the crisis with flooding and Dengue Fever in that country.  Please let me know if you wish to have KW participate.



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ABC4All in a Nutshell

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Subject: Attn Paul Kilelu - FW: UPCOMING JAZZ FOR PEACE CONCERT IN KENYA: Join my network on LinkedIn
Date: Fri, 13 Apr 2012 08:43:31 -0500
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Dear Paul,


In order to take advantage of the Worldwide attention that the home page of our website now receives (now exceeding tens of thousands of visitors per month from over 60 different countries), we have just unveiled our Brand New Streaming “Featured Grant” section enabling our viewers to zero in and learn about one specific organization at a time.


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Please let me know right away if you have any questions.



John De Angelis – Grant Administrator – Empowerment Tree Grant Program for Nonprofits – Changing our world one Grant at a time….


PS – Also - Please spell check your attached proposal to make sure Ricks name (Rick DellaRatta) is spelled correctly.


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Danet, B. (2012). FUNdraising For Worthwhile Causes. Retrieved from http://jfp.abc4all.net/view/blog/51cbf3007896bb431f6ab7d3