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Message for GPP Concert 6/23/11

June 24, 2011, 2:44 pm
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Dear Burt:
Please accept the Thanks of Global Peace Partners for all your work on our behalf for the fundraising concert by Jazz For Peace.  Truely the concert would not have been all that it was without your efforts.
I would like to also thank each of the donors you recruited for us.  If this is agreeable, would you please send me the names and addresses?  I feel strongly that each donor deserves a hand-written note of thanks.
Saundra Lee York
Global Peace Partners
You are kind to offer such comments, Saundra.

Dan knows the commitment ABC4All has to work together to maximize our efforts jointly over time with MAXIMIUM support for GPP for the future...This sets the stage after such spade work so that if we were to do another concert in NYC in the future, then we can revisit all the connections made and hopefully have the reputation of previous concert(s) to be of benefit rather than being the new kid on the block.   On the other hand, JFP itself in NO WAY could be considered a new kid on the block!

One thing I do know, is that for JFP to work with us across the board in the ways they have done, including taking such initiatives to prepare for the "standard bearer of concerts"
http://hitm.abc4all.net is more than appreciated, as I tried to indicate in the letter sent from ABC4All Co-Founders for the concert attendees and now on the internet here:  http://jfp.abc4all.net/articles/view/167303/?topic=63305

Am awaiting any summary and video/pictorial documentation of the event from Dan and/or JFP.

We keep on keepin' on.


Dear Burt:
Many thanks for all your effort...Saundra will be our point person on the next concert.  There were certainly some valuable connections made.
Thank you and Blessings,
Thank you Dan.

Put it this way - we are all learning.  JFP offers a "crash course" unlike any I have experienced.

When any of us can say, we are doing our best at any given point in time, there is ability to rest reassured that what we are doing is right and than we simply move forward with progress that will help the world become better for all receptive.

It is a great opportunity we all have in front of us, and we will continue to search for the MAXIMUM support for What The World Needs Now. 

Take care,
Hi Dan,
Last night sure was a great event....
The crowd surely enjoyed the music along with the Queen Mother whom I personally went up to after the show.
I am hoping that we can do the same with the next event in Philadelphia....

Debra R. Cerritelli - Senior Event Coordinator- Jazz for Peace
John D'Angelis - Grant Administrator - Jazz for Peace 
Marie France - International Correspondent
212-202-0515 Main: 212-947-1104  Skype Name: Jazzmgmt  805-426-JAZZ www.jazzforpeace.org





Promoting Peace, Inspiring Hope, Delivering Healing


'Securing a safer, saner world through next generation medical technology combined with the most advanced aeronautics, molded with the art of medical diplomacy and the heart of compassion.'

Dear Dan and to those present at the ABC4All / Global Peace Partners / Jazz For Peace FUNdraising Concert 06/23/2011:

A Better Community For All (ABC4All) Co-Founders, Bob Chew and Burt Danet, on behalf of the ABC4All Community convey the following message on the occasion of the Jazz For Peace (JFP) Concert being held in support of Global Peace Partners on June 23, 2011 in Manhattan, New York:

Given the state of affairs of the world, there is little need to document still further the major challenges ahead that need to be confronted.  Rather, in keeping with the thrust of ABC4All to focus on "What The World Needs Now," we applaud the joint effort being undertaken with this fundraising concert and express appreciation to all associated with making the evening possible. 

After the introduction to ABC4All of the Jazz For Peace Foundation by ABC4All Mentor Arlan Berglas,
http://profiles.tigweb.org/arlan, there quickly developed plans to implement a partnership between JFP and ABC4All.  With ABC4All Mentors in 115 countries to date, there are concerts being planned in many parts of the world.

This concert in Manhattan represents an example of co-sponsorship between ABC4All and JFP on behalf of a worthwhile cause with opportunities for future ABC4All/JFP fundraising Concerts on behalf of Global Peace Partners.

It is not possible to convey here all the gratitude and appreciation felt, not only for the support being engendered for Global Peace Partners but for planned joint effort between JFP and ABC4All to work together to bring Global Humanitarian Relief (GHR) to the world. 

Wishing everyone present well, we especially want to give our sincere thanks to the Jazz For Peace Foundation - Rick DellaRata, the outstanding musicians and the entire staff, especially Debra Cerritelli - Senior Event Coordinator and John DeAngelis - Event Coordinator, for cooperation and support provided to Global Peace Partners tonight and for the future efforts of the JFP/ABC4All partnership beyond.


Burt Danet/Bob Chew
ABC4All Co-Founders

cc:  ABC4All Leaders/Co-Founders of Local ABC4All Efforts
      ABC4All Mentors, ABC4All Global Mentoring TEAM Project
      ABC4All Key Core Team
      ABC4All Team of TEAMS




Danet, B. (2011). Message for GPP Concert 6/23/11. Retrieved from http://jfp.abc4all.net/view/article/51cbf16d7896bb431f6a57cc


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