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Jazz For Peace Poem

March 10, 2011, 1:49 am
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Here is DellaRatta's Jazz for Peace poem:

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Composed and performed by Rick DellaRatta with Rene Hart and Vito Lesczak. This Poem was read at the Savannah Jazz Festival in September of 2001 and "Jazz for Peace" was founded 12 months later and has raised funds for more then 700 organizations.

I hear jazz for peace coming through the trees,

And in my heart it fills me like a celebration.

I see the light and I want to follow,

Inspired by the past contributions of

Those that came before and laid the groundwork

For us to build on in this universal language

That is a gift for all mankind.

And when we speak it,

People are enlightened by the creativity and artistry

That stands for peace and love and humanity

And intelligence that leads to reaching potential

That we have in our soul.

So we can raise our total conscience and

See that the gift of giving is our greatest privilege.



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