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15th Anniversary United Nations Jazz Celebration

Dear Colleague,

We wonder if you are aware of Jazz Artist Rick DellaRatta and his 15th Anniversary United Nations Jazz Celebration at The Lincoln Memorial in DC on “JAZZ DAY” April 30th?

2017 marks the 15th anniversary of the Jazz for Peace Concert at the United Nations which is now a part of history as detailed here: http://www.bel7infos.eu/jazzforce-jazz-for-peace/

Since this Historic United Nations Event, Jazz for Peace has awarded well over 850 Grants all over the world, earning its place as “one the most significant cultural events of our time.”

In honor of this significant Jazz and Cultural milestone, please review the link above as we would like to speak to you as well so as include you in this year-long celebration.

Looking forward to your reply.

Best Regards,

ABC4All Legacy Founder, Dr. Burt Danet, Ph.D.,

in partnership with Jazz For Peace

Brian Sherry, Debra R. Cerritelli, Senior Event Coordinator and Grant Facilitator / John De Angelis, Grant Administrator - Jazz for Peace™ Direct: 646-709-2950

Breaking News: Jazz for Peace to perform at Lincoln Memorial https://www.prlog.org/12630223