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Give Common Sense a Chance

EMPOWERMENT TREE GRANTS - For your Outstanding Cause:


By turning unprecedented achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy into sustainable funding for over 800 Causes, the Jazz for Peace Empowerment Tree Grant has received unprecedented acclaim as the worldwide leader in cultural philanthropy.


Highest award: $250,000.  Call or email us for our next Deadline.


Hi Burt and potential applicants for the Jazz for Peace Foundation Grant offering outstanding worthwhile causes an opportunity to receive the acclaimed support previous given to these 800 Outstanding Organizations listed above:


The first important thing to note: This Grant is NOT for individual people or organizations who have not yet tried to find supporters for their cause. This grant is for people who have not only already tried, but have actually had enough success already (either friends, family, board members and supporters or a combination thereof who believe in them) to deserve to be taken to the next level of being MORE funded, MORE publicized, MORE sponsored, MORE Befriended, and MORE prestigious than ever before. In short, a worthwhile cause who can receive the benefit of all our experience derived from 9 years' support of outstanding causes and is truly ready to cash in on the Unprecedented Achievements and acclaim listed in the link above.


For those who are ready to be a recipient of this award there are two important components to the Empowerment Goals that we have achieved so far:

  1. Welcoming in the NEW supporters.

  2. While at the same time thanking the old supporters thereby creating a unified and stronger team going forward.

One thing we have noticed with our grant applicants so far is that rather than treat their previous supporters like members of the general public and make them pay full price to attend should they so desire and be treated no differently than any other attendee, all of them want to say a very a very BIG thank you to their Board members, Friends, Family or Supporters by taking full advantage of our funding opportunity to ROLL OUT THE RED CARPET and make them be the very special VIP Guests of Honor of this historic event for their organization.

For anyone who may be unable to see the obvious reasons for taking advantage of this opportunity here is additional clarification:

Lets give common sense a chance:

1. You can't possibly invite the media to an event that has no organization present for them to write about.

2. You can't possibly invite sponsors to an event that has no organization present for them to partner with.

3. You can't possibly invite future supporters to an event that has no organization present for them to unify with.

4. You can't possibly invite a celebrity or prestigious members of the community to an event that has no organization present for them to meet.

5. You can't possibly invite major donors to an event that has no organization present for them to become enamored with.


6. You can't possibly inject NEW BLOOD into an organization without establishing a positive and welcoming relationship with the OLD BLOOD so that you avoid a terrible pitfall of having an organization separated by new blood on one side and old blood on the other, but instead have a new, strong, and cohesive unit going forward.

By rolling out the Red Carpet for the previous supporters (SEE BELOW) we make SURE they are there to greet whoever the new supporters may be or may become so that this new group made up of new and old supporters is unified and strong.

This saves dozens of separate meetings that would otherwise be needed and brings everyone together which for many of our recipients is absolutely mandatory for the cohesiveness that is needed for this new and potentially much STRONGER group to thrive.

With this in mind: We have yet to meet a hard working and dedicated organization that is unable to understand the above and the attached when wondering why our Board feels it is ESSENTIAL to Honor the previous supporters of our recipients who have helped them get to the point where they could qualify for this prestigious funding award.

At the same time we have NEVER met a VIP who didn’t think it was an absolutely wonderful Idea that we honored them.


John De Angelis, Grants Administrator

PS – Below is additional information about all of the wonderful rewards of being a VIP Guests of Honor as we assist the world’s most outstanding, hard working, deserving and dedicated causes by separating the Wheat from the Chaff and exposing to the public the very finest organizations.

FAQ: Please tell me more about the VIP Guest of Honor experience, cost of ticket, why it is so special, and how you can help us to reach this goal.


Answer: The cost of one regular NON VIP ticket is $50. However if a person is fortunate enough to be chosen as a VIP Guest of Honor the cost is only $25. And because they are allowed to buy 2 tickets (so that their spouse, significant other, or whomever they would like to accompany them can also be a VIP) they get a $50 savings.


Wait a minute; did you just say a $50 savings to attend what all of these people (www.ljjm.biz ) and more believe to be “One of the Significant Cultural Events” of our time?


That is indeed an amazing opportunity of great value. And yes, we did say it! How great a value? After over 10 years and 800 events we have never had even one single VIP Guest of Honor be anything less than completely satisfied.


But wait……THERE’S MORE!


In addition to this truly great value, they get to attend a VIP meet and greet, and in MANY instances they also get free food, free beverages, and free gifts depending on our sponsors.


Hmmmmn…………Let me get this straight:

1. A $50 savings to attend one of the world’s most significant cultural events.

2. A VIP Meet and Greet Ceremony

3. And in many instances Free Food

4. Free Beverages

5. And even Free gifts


All for only $25?


YES! - Not bad, right?


But wait……THERE’S MORE!


Perhaps just as or if not even MORE important:


They get to do all of this in support an extremely worthy cause - YOU and your outstanding organization.


In other words: They not only get to attend an historic Jazz for Peace world class cultural event at a significant discount and with all these perks, but they get to do so knowing FOR SURE that their attendance and participation will truly help to Make Our World Better.


That’s more than enough you say………..and we certainly agree………


But wait……THERE’S MORE!


The VIP Guests of Honor also help YOU by:


1.Enabling you to confirm your event in advance and with funds already raised for you.

2.Helping you raise Maximum Sustainable funds by bringing you closer to the 100% to you level (www.jazzforpeace.org/maxfunds )

3.And by confirming this event enable our Staff and volunteers along with our list of “Unprecedented Achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy,” proven fundraising techniques combined with personal coaching, step by step guidance, world class cultural event planning experience and expertise, and more, begin working right away FOR YOU and on your behalf allowing each branch of our Empowerment Tree (www.jazzforpeace.org/tree ) to begin to grow for your benefit.

OK – I’m SOLD!!!!




It allows us, via the names of the Board and additional members that you have added to make up your VIP Invite Committee, to create a winning Grant Application to submit to our Board so that this acclaimed Grant can be justly awarded to your deserving organization.


The reason we can't support every organization out there is not only because there are zillions of them and not enough money in the entire world let alone in the coffers of our foundation, but also because some organizations are the real deal, and are really trying, and some are not. And many of the organizations that are trying with our help are succeeding. Why? Because we help them! It is our goal to separate the Wheat from the Chaff by showing to the public the organizations that stand out from the rest and who are truly deserving of greater funds, publicity, sponsors, prestigious supporters and so much more.


Got it! So what is the next step?


The next step for your Empowerment Grant funding is to simply HELP US to show our board that YOU are one of those special organizations.


Remember: It is OUR JOB to help you succeed.


So should you be having any trouble whatsoever gathering your VIP Invite Committee, or should this Committee have any difficulty gathering their VIP’s by following our proven “2 easy steps” (Step 1 - emailing our invite to friends Step 2- and following up with a few of them by phone or in person), let us know so we can help!


For example - We might need to know things like: who you are showing this link to - www.ljjm.biz ? And what are they saying to you when they read the letters from people such as the Prime Minister of Kenya and the President of the United States? Reading about the unprecedented achievements? Listening to the music? Or watching the videos?


In order to help you we need to hear your feedback so that we can look at our event history and see how we may have already encountered that specific problem and addressed it previously.


WAY Cool……Now can I get a Summary?




Over the past decade, our Grant Administration Dept. has helped over 800 Outstanding Causes communicate the importance of this event to their board and to the public, assemble their VIP Invite Committee, gather their VIPs and confirm their events with money already raised for you on the way to raising maximum sustainable funding for their outstanding cause.


Can we do the same for you?


You Betcha!


That is because here at our Foundation, we don't EVER want to see a worthy cause go unfunded - and of all the quotes we have accumulated from famous people, celebrities and World Leaders, it is this very policy that prompted this quote that we are as proud of as any:


"Jazz for Peace - now THAT is the America I signed up for!" ~ Debra R. Cerritelli - Jazz for Peace Foundation: Empowerment Tree Grants Senior Event Coordinator since 2003