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StartUp FUNdraising

Can a start-up business be considered a "worthwhile cause?"  (Please download this file for the info required.)

EMPOWERMENT TREE GRANTS - For your Outstanding Cause: Highest Award: $250,000.00 


By turning unprecedented achievements in the Arts and Philanthropy into sustainable funding for over 800 Causes, the Jazz for Peace Empowerment Tree Grant has received unprecedented acclaim as the worldwide leader in cultural philanthropy.

Hi Burt,


These days I have noticed our Board paying particular attention to applications that have a VIP Invite Committee (see details below) ALREADY in place.


As soon as I saw this change in their activity I decided I had better give upcoming Grant applicants a heads up so that their applications will be competitive!


So with that in mind:


Is this a start-up business that HAS or CAN GET a VIP Committee in place based on the information that I have listed below and attached?



John De Angelis – Grant Administrator – Empowerment Tree Grant Program for Nonprofits Changing our world one Grant at a time….


Forming a VIP Invite Committee.


*****This step has been proven to be extremely helpful in preparing your Grant Application for our presentation to our Board for Grant Approval.*****


While our past history has shown that it is possible to gather the 35 VIP Guests of Honor with as few as 3 VIP Committee members, it has also proven easier, faster and even more fun to have a larger committee of 8 to 16 or more members. This is because a committee of 8 will only have to invite 3 VIP Guests of Honor each (including themselves of course to have 36 VIP Guests of Honor (an easily attainable goal) while a committee of 16 will only have to invite ONE VIP Each to have 32 VIP Guests.


By communicating to the Guests of Honor these Unprecedented Achievements: http://www.ljjm.biz/#!unprecented-achievements


Along with the very inexpensive $25 ticket price (a $50 per pair Savings) , VIP Ceremony and numerous other amenities such as FREE Food, Drinks, and Gifts depending on our sponsors as outlined in this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rk0zlRabAtk


We are able to help our Grant recipients to confirm their events quickly enabling our Jazz for Peace Grant Administration team to have plenty of time to work together with you to grow our Empowerment Tree (www.jazzforpeace.org/tree) and make the event successful.


In order to assist you in this process of inviting additional VIP Invite Committee Members we have a special document for all prospective VIP Invite Committee members which I am delighted to share with you (SEE ATTACHED).


This Special Document will enable you to assemble a larger VIP Invite Committee and once your Grant is approved be able to confirm your event quickly with funds already raised for you and in plenty of time for your event to achieve its highest potential as reflective of our previous events and which you so rightfully deserve.



Here are the next steps:


  1. Please ask each Board member along with each new VIP Invite Committee member that you would like to add to your team to complete the attached document (see attached) and send it back to you.


  1. Once you have all of your VIP Invite Committee Team members in place please list each of their names (names only as we do not need email addresses) on this document http://jfptickets.wufoo.com/forms/official-board-request-form/  and send this document back to us.



Once you have completed these two steps above we can now show these documents to our Board in order to assist our presentation and our goal towards complete funding approval.