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Music in the Schools

Jazz for Peace

Music in the Schools

This is a Jazz for Peace

sample education

series concert.




Jazz for Peace is determined to bring

Americas Greatest art form back into the Schools

exposing students to Jazz in some cases for the very first time.

The future of jazz or whatever it may become called is not in jeopardy whatsoever. I am a music educator in the public schools and teach improvisation privately. I know that there are many young people who come to love the music and aspire to learn about it and be a part of perpetuating it. From my prospective these young people are a least as talented as those who I grew up with. Many of them are more technically proficient at an earlier age and many of them have listened to much more jazz (and a wider variety of it) then we did when we were young. 

As was stated above they have much easier access to a much wider variety of the music. If someone can suggest recordings or artists to listen to to further the pursuit of their interest they can develop their understanding much more quickly.

Those of us who are lucky enough to be around young people benefit from their suggestions..One of the reasons that my ears continue to expand and grow is that these young people introduce me to music that is new to me constantly. The music is growing and will be in good hands!  


--Greg Brown, Teacher at Mt. Diablo Unified School District, San Francisco, CA Bay Area

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